Our Sex Game Begins Again

We got a few of our feelings out in the open during the last time we played. I think we have a better chance this time to have some fun.

I fucked C yesterday. We both enjoyed it. C didn’t come and she didn’t even want to. The timing needs to be right for her, and since the kids were right outside, it was the wrong time. Besides, C had already enjoyed a nice orgasm that morning by masturbating (I was out of town).

We agreed that we’d begin the game again starting today. It will essentially be a game of tease and denial. She will go a week without an orgasm or touching herself. This time she must allow me to tease her. I suggested that if she doesn’t follow the rules that I’ll have to punish her (in a fun way of course).

I wanted to write some rules (a contract) that would describe our arrangement. I enjoy working out details of the game – and the punishments. But C hates for things to get ‘complicated’. She likes simple. And I don’t want to throw a wrench in it before we get started. So no written rules for now.

Wish us luck.