Starting Our Game of Female Orgasm Denial

This blog is about Female Chastity. Well, female orgasm denial would be more correct. I wanted to document a game my wife, C, and I are trying where she is denied an orgasm – at least until I give her my OK.

Chastity as Sexual Play

Chastity, as a form of sexual play, describes a game where a man or woman keeps from having an orgasm until their partner gives them permission.  Until that time, they may still enjoy sexual stimulation like teasing, touching, being touched, and even penetration, as long as they keep from going over the edge.

The arrangement seems to work best when the chaste partner is given regular attention. Verbal teasing and physical stimulation will keep their mind on the game and create a sexual high that can go on indefinitely.

But the game reaches a peak of excitement when the chaste partner is left wanting, even after giving sexual pleasure and orgasm to their partner.  Since the chaste partner isn’t given a release, their head will be buzzing with desire.  Their focus will be on the pleasure they can give to their partner.  They may even get a sense of satisfaction through their partner’s orgasm.  The constant buzz of desire may be very pleasant for the chaste partner, and may be preferred over a quick orgasm and drop in desire shortly after.

If it is the male who is chaste, the game may involve removing the chastity device so he may be stroked or have penetration. Of course, this is done with the intention that stimulation will stop prior to him having an orgasm. The abstaining male often finds a high level of satisfaction by meeting his wife’s sexual needs.

This can be a fun game for couples. The couple may see an increase in sexual touching and enjoy more connection. They may spend more time enjoying foreplay and alternative types of sex.

Is male chastity more common than female chastity?

Many bloggers write about their personal experiences with chastity. Almost all of them describe a chaste male who wears a chastity belt or some kind of “cage”.  It is used to prevent self stimulation, penetration, or to enforce a power exchange dynamic between them.  He is not unlocked until his wife (or keyholder) decides to let him out.

Unfortunately, I’ve found little information where a woman is the one in chastity.  Heard of any?  Would she feel the same sexual frustration? Would she enjoy the buzz that most chaste men have?

Our Game (Approach 1)

I’m on board with a ‘male chastity’ game, but my wife is not. So I suggested she be the one who is chaste. Surprisingly, she agreed.

Our game is simple. She agrees not to orgasm or touch herself sexually for one week [this is Approach 1]. That doesn’t sound hard, right? She says it will be a piece of cake. C has gone much longer than that (as far as I know). [As you read through the blog, different approaches will be tried from time to time.]

We discussed a few more rules. She will be teased and tormented by me. I plan to do this verbally and physically. I can’t wait to get her close and then stop.

Really it’s not a lot different than our normal sex life. I complain that she allows me a quickie and disregards her own orgasm far too often. It won’t seem very different until she finds herself being stimulated, getting close to a wonderful release – and Wham. Time to get dressed. I’ve only done this once in the past, and her reaction was beautiful.

So this is the beginning. I think it will be fun.